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Our Partners

Red Eagle Foundation

We work closely with another local charity in Kent, the Red Eagle Foundation.  The Red Eagle Foundation is a registered charity empowering disadvantaged children. There aim is to relieve the needs of children with mobility, mental health and learning difficulties, and those from a disadvantaged financial background, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of funding for equipment not provided by the NHS.  We feel that their message is similar to our own and so have teamed up with them on numerous events, initiatives and funding opportunities.



Golf days are a huge part of our fundraising and we are delighted to be on board with Caddyboo as a partner.

Why keep doing what we can, when we can also be doing what we can’t? That’s the mindset of Caddyboo, a premium golf brand with the mission to empower millions of people to step up their game. However, Caddyboo’s ambition extends far beyond impeccable quality: from every unit released to every collaboration made, the company’s underlying values, growth, creativity, and sustainability, are reflected in the brand, thanks to the sophisticated craftsmanship behind it. The Caddyboo Golf Towel is a water-retaining cleaning system meticulously fabricated with a magnetic seal that promises to leave your golf ball spotless. It’s not only sleek and fashionable with high-grade leather and stitching quality, but its branding also empowers individuals everywhere to step up and improve their game by starting with the most fundamental yet most overlooked step: a clean putt.

Caddyboo logo master (002).png

Armadillo Self Storage

A big thanks to Armadillo Self Storage who have provided the foundation with free storage space to keep all of our equipment for events etc.  This is very important as the charity grows and we are very grateful for this wonderful donation.  To find out more about Armadillo and what they could do for you, visit Self Storage Units | Armadillo Self Storage (


Here are some ways you can donate:



In Person

Kent Wish Foundation Head Office

Canterbury, Kent



Make a tax deductible donation‏.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

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