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  • Dominic Comins

C-beebies Weekend Wish

We are delighted to this week grant a wish for 2-year old Darcey Hickson who has been battling with retinoblastoma since being diagnosed in February 2021.

Retinoblastoma a childhood eye cancer and it was discovered that Darcey couldn't see anything from her left eye due to her retina being detached because of the large tumour.

Darcey's mum Georgina said "We had a choice of her eye being removed or different chemotherapy options for her, we decided to opt for systemic chemo to tackle the tumour and hopefully develop sight from it. She needed an operation for her line to be placed and then off she went on treatment journey, because of the pandemic it's just been me and her the whole time. Which has been hard on everyone"

After 6 intense sessions of chemotherapy, 4 examinations under anesthetic and numerous blood tests and overnight stays, Darcey is now in remission although Georgina knows this may not be the end as it is common for this type of cancer to come back. "We know this journey isn't over, as its so up and down all the time. But as of now and for however long our little sass pot is fully in remission and has regained some sight in her left eye"

Darcey loves C-Beebies and in particular, 'In The Night Garden' so the Kent Wish Foundation have surprised her with a fabulous inclusive break with mum and dad in the C-Beebies Hotel, staying in the 'In The Night Garden' themed room.

Chair of trustees, Dominic Comins, said "Darcey has been so brave and we hope that the bell has been rung for the final time with regard her cancer. This break will do her and her parents the world of good and we are so happy we could do something for them"


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