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  • Dominic Comins

Introducing Caddyboo as a charity partner

We are delighted to welcome Caddyboo as an official partner for our 2021 charity golf events run by the Kent Wish Foundation. Working with an innovative and forward thinking company will be a great benefit to the charity and its stakeholders during the next 12 months.

Why keep doing what we can, when we can also be doing what we can’t? That’s the mindset of Caddyboo, a premium golf brand with the mission to empower millions of people to step up their game.

However, Caddyboo’s ambition extends far beyond impeccable quality: from every unit released to every collaboration made, the company’s underlying values, growth, creativity, and sustainability, are reflected in the brand, thanks to the sophisticated craftsmanship behind it. The Caddyboo Golf Towel is a water-retaining cleaning system meticulously fabricated with a magnetic seal that promises to leave your golf ball spotless. It’s not only sleek and fashionable with high-grade leather and stitching quality, but its branding also empowers individuals everywhere to step up and improve their game by starting with the most fundamental yet most overlooked step: a clean putt.

But why should we be limited to the green when we can contribute beyond that? That’s why Caddyboo strives to contribute to some of the most important of the world’s causes and is proud to offer its products as corporate gifts, but most importantly, to organizations that are making a difference. Collaborating charities and other organizations supporting female empowerment, youth development, sustainability, and more have received their version of the Caddyboo Golf Towel, which, customisable to the smallest detail, suits any corporate branding taste and style, and left recipients feeling empowered. What is a better gift there than the power to take on the world?

Visit our website and get your own Caddyboo Golf Towel today! And if you are interested in customisation for your company as a corporate gift, find out more here.


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