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  • Dominic Comins

Wish Granted for Jordan

Four year old, Jordan, from Kent, was born in late 2016. He was taken into care at birth and immediately placed in ICU due to concerns over his growth at birth. He was diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome, and shortly after birth with a chromosome abnormality affecting his development, with small stature being very common, learning difficulties and hearing and speech problemsare prevalent. Jordan was later diagnosed with classic type autism.

At nearly 4 years of age Jordan is non-verbal and doesn't understand verbal or visual instructions. Jordan has no understanding of danger and is not able to walk anywhere unattended.

Jordan had been in a baby cot until recently, as he was not be able to use a child's bed, due to lack of understanding. He was at a high risk of harm and was in urgent need of a new bed, fit for purpose.

The Kent Wish Foundation and Red Eagle Foundation were pleased to jointly fund a new SafeSpace bed to the tune of £4,344 that arrived at the end of May. The bed has high sides to prevent him from climbing or falling out. It is also robust enough to cope with Jordan’s sensory behaviours.

His father, Ian said, “The bed is perfect. It gives Jordan a lot more space to move around and also allows him to ‘play’ before going to sleep and in the morning when he wakes. Jordan loves his bed so much he takes himself to bed (with our help) and plays a little before settling down to sleep.”

The money provided by the KWF was as a result of money collected by friends and family after the untimely death of local dinner lady, Debbie Edmed.

Dave, Debbie’s husband, said “Debbie sadly passed away on the 14th Feb 2020 and she requested that whatever monies could be raised at her fond farewell that it be used in helping those children not as fortunate as hers and she would have had a smile on her face knowing that the monies collected would be helping out Jordan in such a positive way”.


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