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  • Dominic Comins

Ethan's X-box joy!

Ethan is 10yrs old and he has been diagnosed with a rare and serious condition called Aplastic Anemia. His bone marrow has stopped making red blood cells and the only thing that will help is a bone marrow transplant. At the moment he has regular blood tests and blood or platelets transfusions, sometimes both and is extremely vulnerable and doesn't leave the house unless to go for a walk or hospital visits.

If he was to catch a cold or anything he would be admitted straight to hospital. This could be the case for a long time to come. If and when he gets a bone marrow transplant, Ethan may need chemotherapy and it will take more months to build up his immune system again.

With so much time being spent inside, the Kent Wish Foundation had the perfect answer to keep Ethan's spirits up in the form of the much sought after Xbox X series console... a fantastic treat for any gamer.

Ethan's mum Tracy told us "Ethan is literally bouncing off the walls and hasn't had a smile that big for a long time. After our news today that we are still looking for a donor this came at the right time. Thankyou so much to the Kent Wish Foundation for putting this huge smile back on his face since the life threatening diagnosis of Aplastic anemia, I'm forever grateful. The work you do to make children smile is amazing"


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